DFF Calls for Changes to the Mississippi State Flag

Dockery, Miss.—The Dockery Farms Foundation is joining with other non-profit groups and business and religious leaders in calling for a change to the Mississippi state flag. This morning the board of the Dockery Farms Foundation, along with Advisory Council Chairman Bill Ferris and Advisory Council members T-Bone Burnett, Rosanne Cash, Tom Rankin, and John Leventhal, unanimously endorsed the following statement:

“At Dockery Farms, we stand in support of Black Lives Matter as we draw on our 125 year history in Mississippi to build bridges to the future. We believe that the current state flag should be moved from public display to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

As the home of Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, and Howlin' Wolf, among other legendary pioneers of American music, we believe strongly that the state flag of Mississippi should honor that history with a design that does not reference the Confederate flag and its association with slavery, white supremacy, and other injustices.” 

June 27, 2020