Help fund the restoration of the Dockery cotton gin

The Dockery Farms Foundation is raising grant-matching funds for the restoration of the Dockery cotton gin. The gin formed the economic heart of this Mississippi Delta plantation that was home to a group of pioneering blues musicians including Charley Patton, Howlin' Wolf, Son House, the Staples family and many others. Every year thousands of visitors come to Dockery from all over the world to experience this place where the blues began.  The grant will allow the gin building to be restored to the condition in which it was last used and it will fund the installation of lighting, railings, and walkways to make the building safe for visitors. A short interpretive film will also be produced, an this project will help emphasize the relationship between the cotton economy and the community that lived at Dockery and from which those Blues musicians arose. See the film for more details.

December 18, 2017